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Acceptable Use of University Computing Facilities

Oregon State University Policy on Acceptable Use of University Computing Facilities -- Adopted January 25, 1991; Revised May 4, 1998.

The University encourages sharing of information, comprehensive access to local and national facilities to create and disseminate information, and free expression of ideas. General access facilities and infrastructure are provided to further these purposes. There is an obligation on the part of those using these facilities and services to respect the intellectual and access rights of others--locally, nationally and internationally.

Computing resources and facilities of Oregon State University are the property of the University and shall be used for legitimate University instructional, research, administrative, public service, or approved contract purposes. Supervisors may, in their discretion, allow personal use by the employee of these resources which does not interfere with the institution’s or with the employee’s ability to carry out institution business. Individuals who disregard elements of this policy will be subject to appropriate disciplinary and/or legal action by Oregon State University.

Use of University computing facilities for personal or commercial monetary gain must be consistent with state statutes and Board of Higher Education Administrative Rules. Such use should be specifically recognized by the existence of a written contract giving full detail of any financial obligation and/or charge for use if any.

Individuals and non-University organizations using University facilities to gain access to non-University facilities must be cognizant of and observe the acceptable use policies of these non-University organizations, such as Internet II. Failure to observe these policies will result in disconnection of the supporting server from the network.

Unauthorized viewing or use of another person’s computer files, programs, or data is prohibited. All users should also be aware that state law may require disclosure of individual computer files which are deemed public records under the state public records statute and that state and federal law may prohibit the disclosure of certain records as well.

Entry into a system, including the network system, by individuals not specifically authorized (by group or personally) or attempts to circumvent the protective mechanisms of any University system are prohibited. Deliberate attempts to degrade system performance or capability, or attempts to damage systems, software or intellectual property of others are prohibited.

The electronic mail system shall not be used for "broadcasting" of unsolicited mail (unless authorized by the department chair or unit head) or for sending chain letters. The communication system shall not be used for sending of material that reasonably would be considered obscene, offensive, or threatening by the recipient or another viewer of the material.

It is the policy of the University not to monitor individual usage of any general facility. However, the University reserves the right to monitor and record the usage of all facilities if it has reason to believe that activities are taking place that are contrary to this policy or OUS, state or federal law or regulation and as necessary to evaluate and maintain system efficiency. The University has the right to use information gained in this way in disciplinary or criminal proceedings.

University Computing Services is the appropriate campus agency for the negotiation of contracts and licenses for facilities used on a campus-wide basis, and is the appropriate repository for those relative contracts and licenses. Individual units may negotiate for facilities of more specific nature but should be cognizant of state and OUS contract and license requirements. Contracts with external organizations must be approved and signed by the University Contracts Officer.

Virtually all commercial software is protected by the Federal Copyright Act. Use of University facilities for the use of or the copying of computer software that does not contain specific permission to copy (some licenses do allow the making of one copy for backup) is prohibited. The unauthorized publishing of copyrighted material on a University server is prohibited and users are responsible for the consequences of such unauthorized use.

An individual’s access to computer resources may be suspended immediately upon the discovery of a violation of this policy.

This policy contains Oregon State University’s complete acceptable use policy and replaces the Department of Administrative Services policy issued February 18, 1997. For questions about this policy, contact Bob Baker, OSU Web Director, at Information Services.

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